Sunday, August 21, 2011 10 weeks

August 19th: Logan's Due Date.

And the little guy is 10 weeks old! Can you believe it?!? 10! There are definitely moments that I struggle to wrap my head around that! We went to the doc and found out his D-day weight is 7lbs 1oz. Kind of a big deal! My little guy has doubled his birth weight and we are pretty excited about the whole thing!

He's doing so great and changing every day. Some of my favorite little things about him...

He has no bum. This may be due to his lack of baby chub...because it seems to be getting a little fuller as he gains weight...but as for now...the kids pants would slide right off if it weren't for his diaper. heheh love it!

I love his little baby feet! He's still flexible enough that you can clap his feet together and whenever we get his socks off I just can't resist to play with these little feeties.

I love the face he makes when he's "starving" and he starts eating his hands while he's waiting for his dinner.

While he's sleeping he must have some pretty great dreams because he often smiles in his sleep.
...and he does this thing where he opens one eye while he's dozing just to check to make sure he's not missing anything good while he's sleeping.
I crack up when I go to check on him and find that he has managed to slip right out the bottom of his swaddle. I obviously don't have my swaddling skills up to par. that I think about it...this may not be me. His dad sleeps like this too. Hatch men can't seem to handle their feet being "trapped" in blankets when they sleep.

Hahaha I love this shot. He's got my long lizard tongue. Poor kid. And there is one thing which I've yet to get on my camera. I love love love it when Chad comes home and the two of the snuggle up together on the couch. Logan LOVES to sleep on his dad. And it's just the sweetest thing ever watching my two boys together.

There are so many things that I love about this little one. I'm so glad Heavenly Father sent him to our home.

Love you Logan!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Slipping into real life...'s been two weeks since we brought Logan home. And life has been good! Very different, but very good. I'm really diggin' this whole "Mom" gig. Even when I have to get up in the middle of the night, I get pretty grumpy about it initially, but the second I pick the little duffer up and I see those "Yay! Mom's gonna feed me!" eyes, I melt and smile through the exhaustion.

Chad's back at work, and busy as can be with the whole national debt crisis still rippling it's effects. So Logan and I spend a lot of quality time together at home, trying to figure things out. It's no joke when people say "your whole life will change the second you have a kid." but I must say I don't see it in quite the negative light that it's usually portrayed in. I mean takes us 10x longer to get ready to go anywhere. Yes, we are perpetually exhausted, and definitely missing our un-interrupted sleep. But the pros way out weight the cons.

I mean...the kid pees in the tub...and comes out looking like this! How could you not love this face?! Just look how cute he is!

Feeding time takes us at least an hour, and he eats every 3, but when you see how big he's getting it's totally worth it!

I'm telling you. It's way better having him home than having him at the NICU. I never thought I'd get to this point, but the NICU seems like a distant memory these days. So happy to be finally slipping into real life!