Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BIG Milestones!!

He did it!  He did it!  He rolled over for the first time today!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Note to Self

I love the way he sucks on the base of my thumb while he's sitting on my lap.

I love the way he gnaws on his fists.

 I love the way he geeks out about seeing himself in the mirror
I love all his little noises.  And the way I can get him to giggle.  And the way he chews on his tongue just like his daddy.

Bottom line.  I just plain LOVE this kid!  So glad he's ours.

The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt!

Logan's first Pack Family Tree Hunt was a success! 

Every year our family goes up to the Idaho wilderness to cut down our Christmas Tree.  This is one of my all time favorite traditions and I never miss it.  So even with a 5 month old...I was determined to go.  Chad had his doubts which made me start to question my sanity.  I mean...5 month olds are far from predictable.  What if he got hungry and I had to feed him on the hill side?  What if he had a massive blow out and he needed to be changed right there in the snow??  What if we weren't paying attention to where we were going and he got nailed in the face with a tree branch while he was in the backpack???  I mean...valid concerns...right?  But I had absolutely no child care, and our friends Cam and Jessie were bringing their 3 month old and their little dog...if they could do it...so could we.  SO...we took our chances and brought little "Santonio" (Chad's latest nickname for Logan).

Chad and I were so worried that he would just bawl the whole time, but our little trooper did great...as long as we kept moving. 

We had the whole Pack family up there including cute little Tai and Kua.  And we had a couple of first timers with the Cornelius' and the Rogers.  It was a good time!  The weather was beautiful.  The temperature was bearable and the kiddos we're absolute troopers! And to top it off the Tree pickings were AWESOME this year!  Everyone found great trees!  Can't ask for much more than that!

Monday, November 7, 2011

So...It's been a while.

Dear Logan,

Four months already!  Time flys when you're having fun and boy, has it been fun!  Can I just say that I LOVE being your mom!  And I LOVE getting to stay at home with our little "Bean-er"  Yes, we call you "Bean-er".  I can just hear you saying "Bean-er?  What a terrible nickname." Well here's the story: We called you our little jelly bean once...that went to bean, and then Dad started calling you "bean-er".  It started cute, okay.  What it turned into...I still shake my head at, but it seems to have stuck.  What can I say?  I LOVE my little "bean-er"

So you're 4 months old.  Or...20 weeks.  Or...technically 10 weeks.  Whatever you want to go by.  You're growing so much.  At your 4 month check up you weighed in at 11lbs 4oz. We we're pretty excited about that and the doctor was pleasantly surprised at how well you are doing!

First off...You sleep like a CHAMP!  We'll put you down at 10:30 and you'll sleep until 7 or 8.  In fact last week you slept until 9:30!  You're parents appreciate this more than we can say!  We feel incredibly blessed and we realize we're spoiled beyond belief to have such a good baby!

A few weeks ago you started to smile...on purpose.  I love it!  It feels like you're finally starting to move out of the newborn phase- ever so slowly, but it's more than we've seen the last 3 months!  And just the other day I made you giggle!  Talk about a mommy pride boost!  I was the first to make you giggle by tickling you.  So far tickling you is the only way to make you giggle.  And that little tickle giggle is like music to my ears!  I absolutely LOVE that sound!  I can only get your dad to giggle that way by tickling him too...he hates it.  I can't help it!  I do it for the giggle!

I kind of have to work for the giggle.  Your smiles you seem to be a little less stingy on.  If anyone says hi to you and gives you their undivided attention...you'll give them a smile.  And if they go as far to make any sort of noises with their mouth or tongue...they are your new favorite person!  You've also been introduced to your first friend.  Emma Cornelius.  You two don't really care much about each other now.  You kind of just compete for attention currently...but us parents think you're going to one day be great friends.

You've started to discover your hands, you stare at them and you're starting to swat at things.  You're recognizing and starting to appreciate toys now too!  Where before we'd show you something with lights and moving parts and music and you couldn't care less about it, now, however, you think anything with contrasting colors is pretty cool. 

Thus far you've pee-ed on your dad about 3 times, and you've got me once.  Not including your many tub fountains which don't actually hit me...we just end up having to drain the tub and start again...which you hate, because you're cold.  You did however pee all over a freshly washed pile of clothes the other day which I so foolishly left next to the changing table.  (Note to self.)  OH, and you got Grandma Bonnie really good once too.  She was changing your poopy diaper and during so you started to poop some more so she had to catch it with a clean diaper and than you pee-ed.  ...Although that one shot away from her and actually got all over you instead.  hahaha  So that one kind of back fired on you. 

You still spit up quite a bit.  And usually all over me or your dad.  I change my outfit at least once a day.  And still almost always have goobers all over my shoulder.  I need to start adding a change of clothes for me in your diaper bag!  Aren't I a terrible mother for taking a picture of this and THEN cleaning you up?  hahahaha 

You have started loosing all your hair.  All that adorable brown hair.  Breaks my heart!  I don't know if it's because your head is getting bigger and bigger all the time and your just growing right out of your hair or if it's because I always played with it.  Regardless, you have far less hair now than what you came with.  So sad.

For your first Halloween we dressed you up as a little pea pod!  You were the cutest little thing, but you hated your hat.  So that didn't last long.  We went to your Dad's Halloween work party and you went trick-or-treating and you were so generous that you gave all your candy to your dad and mom!...probably the first and last time that that will happen.

Later Mom and Dad had a Halloween party that they went to and we didn't know what to be, mostly because your dad hates dressing up for Halloween, so we kind of copped out and went as crazy U of U fans.  But we mad the cutest U of U family! 

You're also starting to "talk" to me now.  You'll coo at me and make the sweetest noises that just melt my heart.  I'm pretty enamored with you my little guy.  Everything you do.  You've made me so happy, and just when I think I couldn't love you more...you always do something to prove me wrong.

Forever and Always and No Matter What!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blessing Day!

We finally blessed Logan today!  September 18th  And the day was perfect.  Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect little boy.

We had about 40 of our closest friends and family there with us.  (And still so many were missing.)  Logan has such a large following for one so small. ;)  Logan was so good and didn't make one little peep during his blessing.  His dad gave him a name, blessed him to have the ability to avoid temptation, have the desire to spread the "good news" and find joy in the gospel, and to have a strong desire for learning.  Apparently Logan was given quite the ride while in the circle, because Chad said that the "bounce" was noteworthy.

We sure love our little man!  Thank you to all who came and supported us today, and always.  We would be lost without your love and service that you've given us since the arrival of our little one!

Great Grandma Linge & Great Grandma Pack

In the circle: Dad, Grandpa Pack, Papa Ffej, Uncles Micah, Tyler, Josh, John, and Zach, Friends Dustin Robinson, Matt Klien, Kel Eppich, and Matt Caldwell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Family Reunion!

We had a Pack Family Reunion over Labor Day weekend.  Good times, good food, good company!

We hit Bear Lake, (Logan's first time...he was less then impressed.)

Made sand art.

It was a little chilly, but we played hard until we were blitzed.

We went to the zoo...and unfortunately left our camera in the car, so we'll have to get some pics from other family memebers who brought theirs.

It was an all in all great weekend!  And it was so nice to spend some quality time with our family.  We have such a good time with everyone of them.  Love you guys!

3 Months/3 Weeks Old!

Dear Logan,

Today you are 3 months old...or maybe I should say 3 weeks old considering the fact that your arrival date was so much sooner than your gestational age suggests?  Either way, your mom and dad have been thrilled to have you around!  You are quite the little character already, and I'm waiting anxiously to see what kind of little person you are going to become!  Although, I must say, on this 10th anniversary of 9-11 I'm a little worried as to what you may be witness to in this world.  What kind of things you'll have to see or live through during your life time.  I pray with everything I am that I'll be able to prepare you to survive it all and "live in the world, without being of the world".  It's a big responsibility to bear, and I hope that I can do it, so that you can have the best chance out there knowing who you are and why you're here, no matter what kind of darkness may be lurking around you.  You started off as a little fighter, I have high hopes that you will continue to be one.  ...For the greater good that is. ;)  Let's be clear on that. ;)

Currently you are working so hard to hold up your head.  You do pretty good for a while...and then you get tired and then your head just flops backwards, scaring your parents, forwards, bashing your nose against something not so soft, or from side to side making you appear a little drunk.  It's adorable.

You're a really good baby, although this past week you made Mom work pretty hard to keep you happy.  I'm pretty sure you were just getting back at her and Dad for subjecting you to the craziness that was the Pack Family reunion the week before.  But you went to Bear Lake for the first time, and to the zoo for the first time...you seemed to be less than impressed with either place, but we're pretty confident that one day they will be some of your favorite places. 

I'm really looking forward to everything you are going to start doing, like holding your head up like a champ, and starting to smile and mom and dad on purpose, and I can hardly wait to hear what your little giggle is going to sound like!  And yet...I'm already having to put away clothes that are too small for you, and it hurts my heart a little.  Not that I had any intentions of ever even having you in preemie clothes, but now that you've more than doubled your birth weight, it's starting to sink in that I'm going to really miss your sweet little newborn phase.  All your little goat noises, and squawks, your wide eyes while your discovering new things in your surroundings.  The way you turn to the sound of my voice, and the way I can calm you down.  It's amazing how much joy I find in simply being able to make you feel safe and comfortable.

How I love being your mom. 

Forever, and Always, and No Matter What,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

D-Day...at 10 weeks

August 19th: Logan's Due Date.

And the little guy is 10 weeks old! Can you believe it?!? 10! There are definitely moments that I struggle to wrap my head around that! We went to the doc and found out his D-day weight is 7lbs 1oz. Kind of a big deal! My little guy has doubled his birth weight and we are pretty excited about the whole thing!

He's doing so great and changing every day. Some of my favorite little things about him...

He has no bum. This may be due to his lack of baby chub...because it seems to be getting a little fuller as he gains weight...but as for now...the kids pants would slide right off if it weren't for his diaper. heheh love it!

I love his little baby feet! He's still flexible enough that you can clap his feet together and whenever we get his socks off I just can't resist to play with these little feeties.

I love the face he makes when he's "starving" and he starts eating his hands while he's waiting for his dinner.

While he's sleeping he must have some pretty great dreams because he often smiles in his sleep.
...and he does this thing where he opens one eye while he's dozing just to check to make sure he's not missing anything good while he's sleeping.
I crack up when I go to check on him and find that he has managed to slip right out the bottom of his swaddle. I obviously don't have my swaddling skills up to par. ...Although...now that I think about it...this may not be me. His dad sleeps like this too. Hatch men can't seem to handle their feet being "trapped" in blankets when they sleep.

Hahaha I love this shot. He's got my long lizard tongue. Poor kid. And there is one thing which I've yet to get on my camera. I love love love it when Chad comes home and the two of the snuggle up together on the couch. Logan LOVES to sleep on his dad. And it's just the sweetest thing ever watching my two boys together.

There are so many things that I love about this little one. I'm so glad Heavenly Father sent him to our home.

Love you Logan!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Slipping into real life...

So...it's been two weeks since we brought Logan home. And life has been good! Very different, but very good. I'm really diggin' this whole "Mom" gig. Even when I have to get up in the middle of the night, I get pretty grumpy about it initially, but the second I pick the little duffer up and I see those "Yay! Mom's gonna feed me!" eyes, I melt and smile through the exhaustion.

Chad's back at work, and busy as can be with the whole national debt crisis still rippling it's effects. So Logan and I spend a lot of quality time together at home, trying to figure things out. It's no joke when people say "your whole life will change the second you have a kid." but I must say I don't see it in quite the negative light that it's usually portrayed in. I mean sure...it takes us 10x longer to get ready to go anywhere. Yes, we are perpetually exhausted, and definitely missing our un-interrupted sleep. But the pros way out weight the cons.

I mean...the kid pees in the tub...and comes out looking like this! How could you not love this face?! Just look how cute he is!

Feeding time takes us at least an hour, and he eats every 3, but when you see how big he's getting it's totally worth it!

I'm telling you. It's way better having him home than having him at the NICU. I never thought I'd get to this point, but the NICU seems like a distant memory these days. So happy to be finally slipping into real life!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Logan, Welcome Home

Oh my sweet baby,
Tonight you are finally home with me! Tonight you are finally right where you belong, with your dad and I, and the joy that comes with that is almost indescribable.

As we were driving to the hospital for the last time, I couldn't help but think of how elated I was that I got to bring you home with me, instead of having to once again say goodbye and drive home without you. I thought of how six weeks ago your dad and I were racing to get to the hospital to make sure you were okay, and how scared I was when I found out you were going to be here 10 weeks too soon. But when they wheeled you into my recovery room, and I saw you for the first time in your space like incubator on your way to a different hospital, I immediately fell in love with you. I loved everything about you, and I felt incredibly blessed that Father in Heaven entrusted you into our care. The only thing I could do was hold your foot because you were covered in tubes and wires, but I knew even with just being with you for those 2 brief minutes, that I would do anything for you.

It was a LONG six weeks at the NICU. But you are finally coming home to us weighing 5lbs 7oz. And just the sweetest thing ever! You're mom and dad are completely smitten with you! And are very much looking forward to watching you grow and progress. You're such a little fighter already and we very curious to see what you will become.

You were pretty tired your first day home, we've yet to really hear you cry, all you do is make these adorable little goat noises, that make your mom and dad laugh. But those little goat noises fill our home with so much happiness.

You're momma loves you, my sweet boy. Forever and always and no matter what. Welcome home my baby, welcome home!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dairy Queen

SO...remember a few posts ago when I was discussing the whole milk thing and I had mentioned that the lactation consultant had praised me for my supply... Well in the NICU there is a deep freezer for any extra milk that the mom's may supply.

Every mom gets two bins.

Here are my bins.

Here are my bins along with every other mom's bins in the NICU...
"...Uhm...I've been turned into a cow...can I go home?"

One Month Later...

So...it's been a month. ...Well...no, now it's been over a month. 5 Weeks on Saturday. Tomorrow Logan will be 35 weeks, and we're still here. ::sigh::

On the up side...even though the days seem to crawl by...it doesn't seem all that long ago that we were "flying" from Wyoming to get to the hospital. No...that memory is so fresh it's like it was yesterday.

We're starting to get the hang of the NICU. I've figured out that all the so called "rules" are more like guidelines really, and the only thing that really counts for anything...is that I'm the Mom. Which pretty much means, I do what I want if I think it's best for Logan and no one can give me a good reason not to. (If they can give me a legit reason...then I'll comply to their way of doing things...if not...I'm the boss.)

This may make me sound snotty...but...I've been told by some very wise women that every GOOD mom usually gets a big "B" stamped in the middle of their chest from time to time while doing their job. And that job is to be their child's advocate. Which to some may come off as a bit witchy.

They have a thing here called "Primary Nurses" where you can pick 5-6 "Primary's" and when ever those nurses are working, they are working with your kid. That way you have some consistency, and more importantly your baby has some consistency. Well we have some WONDERFUL Primary's: Ruby, Laura, Denise, Kari, and Rebecca. And without even knowing it we picked a very "convenient" lot. All of them have 8+ years of NICU experience, Ruby and Denise are both Charge Nurses (meaning their in charge,basically, of all the other nurses), Rebecca is a lactation consultant, and comes in handy quite a bit, and Laura and Kari are just plain fabulous! It's kind of nice to have a couple of Charge Nurses in your back pocket. As soon as they got on our Primary's list, we got our own "suite" and we don't have to share with other babies/families. And today they have put in a request for us to even upgrade from that and get a room with a window!!! That's a big deal around here! They said we've kind of earned it after 5 weeks. It'd be nice to get out of our little cave. So here's hoping.

Logan is doing pretty good right now. He's catching on to the whole breast feeding thing really quick which gives his Momma hope, but he's still struggling to keep his stats consistent. He's quite the yo-yo sometimes.

But he's 5 lbs as of yesterday! So he's growing! And we're tickled pink about his progress!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Logan had his first bath on the 6th! He loved it, and I thought for sure he would cry do to being cold. ...I've come to find that it must take a lot for this kid to cry. I think I've heard him cry...3 times. ...maybe. I wonder if this is a preemie thing or if it's just Logan being a very tolerant baby. ...but I digress. Back to bath time!

I LOVED this! I loved stripping him down to his birthday suit and removing all those obnoxious monitors for a while! I loved watching him just relax in the warm water and just spending some good quality "real life" kind of time with my baby and his dad. LOVE Bath time!!!!
Brrrrr....Getting him dressed again after his bath. ...and putting all those dumb wires back on. :p

Dad getting him warm. Look at all that CUTE fuzzy hair on Logan!!! Augh! It's my favorite thing!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got Milk?

Okay...so...us women...we deal with all sorts of C-R-A-P when it comes to our bodies. Starting anywhere from elementary to high school we have our monthly visits from Aunt Flow which may or may not be accompanied by mild to severe bouts of mood swings AND cramps. We get married and some of us have serious discomfort and issues during our personal time with our husbands. We then get pregnant...and all around less than fun nine (hopefully) months. During which our bodies are no longer ours, our modesty/personal space have long since been forgotten, and we have said goodbye to the bodies we once had. We than prepare for the "Marathon of Labor" which...isn't exactly considered a good time.

All of these things...we have to endure to get this amazing bonus prize at the end...

Exhibit A:TOTALLY worth it.

But why, oh why, does breast feeding (or pumping, in my case) have to hurt too??? I just don't think that's fair. It's the best thing for you AND your baby...and yet...we have to suffer through that as well? Can't we catch a break???

We knew that pumping would be in my future pretty much immediately after Logan was born, so we ordered one off of Amazon. And the next day a nurse asked us if we had one. We told her yes, and that we had ordered the Medela Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go tote. A high end pump...which cost FAR more than I ever expected to pay for a pump. She responded with a "Oh, yes, that one is really good. But...you're going to want something with a little more power."

Weighing in at around 35 lbs, created in 1955 and having industrial strength suction power...I'd like you to meet "Big Bertha".

THIS is what I get to wake up to 3-4 times a night, until my sweet little boy comes home. (You can understand my impatience to get Logan home a little bit more now, can't you?)

They have a newer...sleaker, digital version...which is actually quite nice, but even the NICU only has 2, they aren't really out there for public use yet.
But this one is apparently the caddilac of pumps. And it's real nice too. Not going to lie. All of us NICU mom's fight over who gets to use it next.

Pretty much my life is centered around milk these days. If we go anywhere...I'm usually pumping right before...right after...and typically during. We have to plan our social events around my pumping schedule. It's quite sad really.

On the up side, however, I am very grateful I have the milk supply I do. Logan does so much better because of it. He's packin' on the ounces these days! He's up to 4lbs. 9oz. A whole pound up from his lowest weight! The lactation consultant the other day praised me for the ample supply of creamy goodness that I've been able to produce. Kind of a weird thing to get complimented on, but strangely, it is a big morale booster to a breastfeeding mom to know that her efforts aren't in vain.

We're acquiring quite the stock pile in our freezer too. So hopefully I'll be able to keep up with demand once Logan finally comes home to us. And maybe his dad can take a turn or two waking up to feed him. ;)