Friday, July 8, 2011


Logan had his first bath on the 6th! He loved it, and I thought for sure he would cry do to being cold. ...I've come to find that it must take a lot for this kid to cry. I think I've heard him cry...3 times. ...maybe. I wonder if this is a preemie thing or if it's just Logan being a very tolerant baby. ...but I digress. Back to bath time!

I LOVED this! I loved stripping him down to his birthday suit and removing all those obnoxious monitors for a while! I loved watching him just relax in the warm water and just spending some good quality "real life" kind of time with my baby and his dad. LOVE Bath time!!!!
Brrrrr....Getting him dressed again after his bath. ...and putting all those dumb wires back on. :p

Dad getting him warm. Look at all that CUTE fuzzy hair on Logan!!! Augh! It's my favorite thing!!!

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  1. So adorable! Fuzzy hair is the best! I love bath time too, it is right up there with bed time.