Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Logan, Welcome Home

Oh my sweet baby,
Tonight you are finally home with me! Tonight you are finally right where you belong, with your dad and I, and the joy that comes with that is almost indescribable.

As we were driving to the hospital for the last time, I couldn't help but think of how elated I was that I got to bring you home with me, instead of having to once again say goodbye and drive home without you. I thought of how six weeks ago your dad and I were racing to get to the hospital to make sure you were okay, and how scared I was when I found out you were going to be here 10 weeks too soon. But when they wheeled you into my recovery room, and I saw you for the first time in your space like incubator on your way to a different hospital, I immediately fell in love with you. I loved everything about you, and I felt incredibly blessed that Father in Heaven entrusted you into our care. The only thing I could do was hold your foot because you were covered in tubes and wires, but I knew even with just being with you for those 2 brief minutes, that I would do anything for you.

It was a LONG six weeks at the NICU. But you are finally coming home to us weighing 5lbs 7oz. And just the sweetest thing ever! You're mom and dad are completely smitten with you! And are very much looking forward to watching you grow and progress. You're such a little fighter already and we very curious to see what you will become.

You were pretty tired your first day home, we've yet to really hear you cry, all you do is make these adorable little goat noises, that make your mom and dad laugh. But those little goat noises fill our home with so much happiness.

You're momma loves you, my sweet boy. Forever and always and no matter what. Welcome home my baby, welcome home!



  1. So so so SO happy for you!!! I hope it's all going well and that you are as elated as I think you are. :D

  2. So glad you have him home and that things have gone so well! Love you!

  3. wow I can't even imagine how exited you are!! what a blessing!! What a crazy feeling to drive your new baby home, I bet that was so special!! I love you guys!! can't wait to see him!!