Thursday, August 30, 2012

John & Cheyanne

So our little brother John got married!  He married the sweetest girl ever: Cheyanne.  These two are just too cute together.  Congratulations you guys!  We're so happy for you!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Boy and His Bowl

 Give a boy a bowl.
 Add some water...
And you've got one happy kid.

You give a boy a hose...
 And he's ecstatic!
...and if you turn it on...
...he gets very, very wet.
 ...and he likes it.  A lot.

Oh, life's simple pleasures.

Letters to Logan

Hey Bubba!
Man, does time fly when  you are having fun!  You have grown so much over the past few months, and I've been so crazy busy that I haven't found time to document most of it!  (Terrible mom, I know. ) 

We were a little worried about your not crawling by your first birthday, but we are coming to realize that you do things when YOU want to do them.  And if any of us tries to make you do it before you want sure let us know you're not happy about it.  So...until you decided you were ready you just cruised all around the furniture.  And if you weren't by any furniture you'd cry until I figured out where you wanted to.

All of a sudden you're cruising!  You are crawling everywhere, you one day decided that you were going to go upstairs...and you did.  First time.  No hesitation.  From the bottom step all the way up to the top.  No help.  I was beaming with pride...and then fear as I realized I have yet to truly baby proof the house. 

You also started speaking!  You're first word:  Cracker.  Go figure.  You say it more like "kra-ka"...but you definitely say it!  You also say "go" and "Uh-oh"  and "da-da-da-da" When you see your dad.  ...The mom thing...I think  you know how to say it...but only when you feel like you REALLY need to.  You do not perform for anyone no matter how much we beg.  

You are a real Daddy's boy.  This morning when both your Dad and I went to get you out of bed you beamed with joy when Dad picked you up and when he handed you to me you instantly started crying these big crocodile tears.  ...It only hurt a little.  ;)  I cry too when people take me away from your dad!  But Dad just eats it up!  He loves that you adore him.  And he adores you back.  That's for certain.  If I had a nickle for every time your dad randomly says to me "I just LOVE our little boy!" I could pay for your first year of college!

Dad has the most random of nicknames for you.  Some of his favorite are Sanchez, Francesco, Santonio, Santorum, and let's not forget Bean-er.  I'm amazed you know you're name at all.  Especially since I have a few nicknames of my own for you:  Bubba, Lo-gie, Lo-gie-Lowgs, Bumkin, and occasionally...when your cranky, or naughty, I refer to you as Turkey Butt.  I'm guessing some of these will stick...others will change...and I'm SURE more will be added.  I'm just glad when I say "Logan" you do- in fact- turn around. 

I'm sorry to say...that I've taken a pole..and 5 out of 5 moms say you're a hard baby.  Not impossible.  Just hard.  I would have to agree. You have your moments of adorable sweetness.  But for the most part you're kind of hard to keep happy.  I'm pretty sure it's due to the lack of you being able to tell me exactly what you want.  And as soon as you can I'm almost positive that the issue will switch over to me not giving you you want. ...That and teething.  (You've got 5 visible...and 3 trying to break the surface right now.)  The last week, however, you've been an absolute gem!  So I think we'll keep you around for a while yet. ;)

You've recently acquired this terrible habit of chewing on your food and then spitting it out.  Most obnoxious thing ever.  I really don't know how you have any meat on your bones at all, because I'm pretty sure I find 98% of the food you start with on your plate in some chewed up slobbery mess either stuck to your clothes or pooled up in the bottom of your high chair.  ...Or on the floor beside your high chair.  I'm just hoping some of the nutrients from your food seep down your throat while you're gnawing on it.

I get the "Mother of the Year" award!  Turns out you had Hand-Foot-Mouth (Some terrible disease which is ultra contagious and has been spreading around here like wild-fire.  Symptoms being sores/rashes on your hands and feet and in your mouth and down your throat.)  And I didn't even know you had it until you got your cousin Abbie so sick that she went to the doctor and he told us.  Sheesh.  I knew you were sick...but I didn't realize that you had Hand-Foot-Mouth!  Poor little guy! 

Logan, you make me SO happy!  I am so happy to have you in our little family, even if you are a hard baby, I'd never trade you for anything!  I love you!

Forever, For Always & No Matter What