Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Month Later...'s been a month., now it's been over a month. 5 Weeks on Saturday. Tomorrow Logan will be 35 weeks, and we're still here. ::sigh::

On the up side...even though the days seem to crawl doesn't seem all that long ago that we were "flying" from Wyoming to get to the hospital. No...that memory is so fresh it's like it was yesterday.

We're starting to get the hang of the NICU. I've figured out that all the so called "rules" are more like guidelines really, and the only thing that really counts for that I'm the Mom. Which pretty much means, I do what I want if I think it's best for Logan and no one can give me a good reason not to. (If they can give me a legit reason...then I'll comply to their way of doing things...if not...I'm the boss.)

This may make me sound snotty...but...I've been told by some very wise women that every GOOD mom usually gets a big "B" stamped in the middle of their chest from time to time while doing their job. And that job is to be their child's advocate. Which to some may come off as a bit witchy.

They have a thing here called "Primary Nurses" where you can pick 5-6 "Primary's" and when ever those nurses are working, they are working with your kid. That way you have some consistency, and more importantly your baby has some consistency. Well we have some WONDERFUL Primary's: Ruby, Laura, Denise, Kari, and Rebecca. And without even knowing it we picked a very "convenient" lot. All of them have 8+ years of NICU experience, Ruby and Denise are both Charge Nurses (meaning their in charge,basically, of all the other nurses), Rebecca is a lactation consultant, and comes in handy quite a bit, and Laura and Kari are just plain fabulous! It's kind of nice to have a couple of Charge Nurses in your back pocket. As soon as they got on our Primary's list, we got our own "suite" and we don't have to share with other babies/families. And today they have put in a request for us to even upgrade from that and get a room with a window!!! That's a big deal around here! They said we've kind of earned it after 5 weeks. It'd be nice to get out of our little cave. So here's hoping.

Logan is doing pretty good right now. He's catching on to the whole breast feeding thing really quick which gives his Momma hope, but he's still struggling to keep his stats consistent. He's quite the yo-yo sometimes.

But he's 5 lbs as of yesterday! So he's growing! And we're tickled pink about his progress!

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  1. Yeah for 5 lbs!!! I bet he looks a lot bigger then when he first came. A lb on a baby is a big difference. Your pregnancy countdown on the side cracks me up by the way.