Monday, September 12, 2011

3 Months/3 Weeks Old!

Dear Logan,

Today you are 3 months old...or maybe I should say 3 weeks old considering the fact that your arrival date was so much sooner than your gestational age suggests?  Either way, your mom and dad have been thrilled to have you around!  You are quite the little character already, and I'm waiting anxiously to see what kind of little person you are going to become!  Although, I must say, on this 10th anniversary of 9-11 I'm a little worried as to what you may be witness to in this world.  What kind of things you'll have to see or live through during your life time.  I pray with everything I am that I'll be able to prepare you to survive it all and "live in the world, without being of the world".  It's a big responsibility to bear, and I hope that I can do it, so that you can have the best chance out there knowing who you are and why you're here, no matter what kind of darkness may be lurking around you.  You started off as a little fighter, I have high hopes that you will continue to be one.  ...For the greater good that is. ;)  Let's be clear on that. ;)

Currently you are working so hard to hold up your head.  You do pretty good for a while...and then you get tired and then your head just flops backwards, scaring your parents, forwards, bashing your nose against something not so soft, or from side to side making you appear a little drunk.  It's adorable.

You're a really good baby, although this past week you made Mom work pretty hard to keep you happy.  I'm pretty sure you were just getting back at her and Dad for subjecting you to the craziness that was the Pack Family reunion the week before.  But you went to Bear Lake for the first time, and to the zoo for the first seemed to be less than impressed with either place, but we're pretty confident that one day they will be some of your favorite places. 

I'm really looking forward to everything you are going to start doing, like holding your head up like a champ, and starting to smile and mom and dad on purpose, and I can hardly wait to hear what your little giggle is going to sound like!  And yet...I'm already having to put away clothes that are too small for you, and it hurts my heart a little.  Not that I had any intentions of ever even having you in preemie clothes, but now that you've more than doubled your birth weight, it's starting to sink in that I'm going to really miss your sweet little newborn phase.  All your little goat noises, and squawks, your wide eyes while your discovering new things in your surroundings.  The way you turn to the sound of my voice, and the way I can calm you down.  It's amazing how much joy I find in simply being able to make you feel safe and comfortable.

How I love being your mom. 

Forever, and Always, and No Matter What,


  1. I hadn't realized how close in age our little guys are. I'm so happy to hear how well he's doing.

  2. oh I love it! such a darling little letter. And I hear terrifies me that I won't be able to prepare my kiddos for this scary world...lots of prayers are the only thing that give me comfort! I'm so happy he's doing well!