Monday, November 7, 2011

So...It's been a while.

Dear Logan,

Four months already!  Time flys when you're having fun and boy, has it been fun!  Can I just say that I LOVE being your mom!  And I LOVE getting to stay at home with our little "Bean-er"  Yes, we call you "Bean-er".  I can just hear you saying "Bean-er?  What a terrible nickname." Well here's the story: We called you our little jelly bean once...that went to bean, and then Dad started calling you "bean-er".  It started cute, okay.  What it turned into...I still shake my head at, but it seems to have stuck.  What can I say?  I LOVE my little "bean-er"

So you're 4 months old.  Or...20 weeks.  Or...technically 10 weeks.  Whatever you want to go by.  You're growing so much.  At your 4 month check up you weighed in at 11lbs 4oz. We we're pretty excited about that and the doctor was pleasantly surprised at how well you are doing!

First off...You sleep like a CHAMP!  We'll put you down at 10:30 and you'll sleep until 7 or 8.  In fact last week you slept until 9:30!  You're parents appreciate this more than we can say!  We feel incredibly blessed and we realize we're spoiled beyond belief to have such a good baby!

A few weeks ago you started to smile...on purpose.  I love it!  It feels like you're finally starting to move out of the newborn phase- ever so slowly, but it's more than we've seen the last 3 months!  And just the other day I made you giggle!  Talk about a mommy pride boost!  I was the first to make you giggle by tickling you.  So far tickling you is the only way to make you giggle.  And that little tickle giggle is like music to my ears!  I absolutely LOVE that sound!  I can only get your dad to giggle that way by tickling him too...he hates it.  I can't help it!  I do it for the giggle!

I kind of have to work for the giggle.  Your smiles you seem to be a little less stingy on.  If anyone says hi to you and gives you their undivided'll give them a smile.  And if they go as far to make any sort of noises with their mouth or tongue...they are your new favorite person!  You've also been introduced to your first friend.  Emma Cornelius.  You two don't really care much about each other now.  You kind of just compete for attention currently...but us parents think you're going to one day be great friends.

You've started to discover your hands, you stare at them and you're starting to swat at things.  You're recognizing and starting to appreciate toys now too!  Where before we'd show you something with lights and moving parts and music and you couldn't care less about it, now, however, you think anything with contrasting colors is pretty cool. 

Thus far you've pee-ed on your dad about 3 times, and you've got me once.  Not including your many tub fountains which don't actually hit me...we just end up having to drain the tub and start again...which you hate, because you're cold.  You did however pee all over a freshly washed pile of clothes the other day which I so foolishly left next to the changing table.  (Note to self.)  OH, and you got Grandma Bonnie really good once too.  She was changing your poopy diaper and during so you started to poop some more so she had to catch it with a clean diaper and than you pee-ed.  ...Although that one shot away from her and actually got all over you instead.  hahaha  So that one kind of back fired on you. 

You still spit up quite a bit.  And usually all over me or your dad.  I change my outfit at least once a day.  And still almost always have goobers all over my shoulder.  I need to start adding a change of clothes for me in your diaper bag!  Aren't I a terrible mother for taking a picture of this and THEN cleaning you up?  hahahaha 

You have started loosing all your hair.  All that adorable brown hair.  Breaks my heart!  I don't know if it's because your head is getting bigger and bigger all the time and your just growing right out of your hair or if it's because I always played with it.  Regardless, you have far less hair now than what you came with.  So sad.

For your first Halloween we dressed you up as a little pea pod!  You were the cutest little thing, but you hated your hat.  So that didn't last long.  We went to your Dad's Halloween work party and you went trick-or-treating and you were so generous that you gave all your candy to your dad and mom!...probably the first and last time that that will happen.

Later Mom and Dad had a Halloween party that they went to and we didn't know what to be, mostly because your dad hates dressing up for Halloween, so we kind of copped out and went as crazy U of U fans.  But we mad the cutest U of U family! 

You're also starting to "talk" to me now.  You'll coo at me and make the sweetest noises that just melt my heart.  I'm pretty enamored with you my little guy.  Everything you do.  You've made me so happy, and just when I think I couldn't love you always do something to prove me wrong.

Forever and Always and No Matter What!


  1. I love all of these pictures! I can't wait to see you again!

  2. Logan, you look like your dad!! so cute!! I miss you and wish we all lived closer!!! Maybe you can have a new friend in logan soon!

  3. Miss you and my squishy.. so glad you posted something new. I love that you're writing to Logan and I love seeing you sign off as "Mom". Amazing where we are in life and the changes that happen! So proud of you and miss you terribly! See you sometime in May 2012!