Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So for my syblings spring break they decided they all wanted to go to Zions, the weekend before Josh and Heidi's wedding, and Chad and I decided to tag along. And although I was pretty sick and went through 3 packages and 1 full box of tissues in the matter of 3 days, we had a ball!

It was a balmy 78 degrees while we were down there and we were way past due for some good quality Vitamin D. We went camping in the South campground just inside of Zions. Chad and I have never really been camping together, so it was a first for us. We had to go buy a new tent and borrow a lot of stuff from Chad's parents. Which they may or may not let us do again. We kinda, sorta had a little accident with the tiny space heater they had lent to us. We had never used it before, and unfortunately didn't try until after dark, and because of this, we didn't notice that there was a cap on top of the burner. We lit it. Felt the warmth figured it was fine. A few minutes later however I turned and asked Chad if he smelt something burning. I pointed a flashlight over to the space heater and the plastic cap on top was bubbling. We're pretty sure it wasn't supposed to do that. So we turned it off and the next morning sure enough the cap was all sorts of melted and deformed. Sad day. Hopefully Ffej will find it in his heart to forgive us and maybe even let us borrow some of his camping gear again in the future.

We hiked some great hikes, and tested out Chad's once again functioning leg. He's healing quite nicely and he's getting really anxious to be able to run again, but first we're going to try and master standing on one leg with your eyes shut and not tipping over. For someone who's ever broken a's harder than it sounds, folks.

All in all it was a great family vacation. Can't wait to do it again!

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