Friday, March 11, 2011


17 Isn't really a milestone for anything per-say, however, 17 is really only 3 weeks shy of 1/2 way point...and that's kind of a big deal. 17 is the 10 day marker for when I get to find out if little Stella is a boy or a girl! 17 Means roughly 23 more weeks to go or 161 more days...oye...let's stick to weeks. 17 Weeks makes my baby roughly the size of an onion, it's skeleton is hardening and changing from rubbery cartilage to actual bone, and the tiny little fingers and toes actually have their own one-of-a-kind prints!

We didn't even find out we were having a baby until a few days before Christmas. I was late, and I took a test and it was blank. Weird. It was a few days later that we got to the store and bought another and again I took the test...and again it came up blank. I was starting to get annoyed after two faulty tests, so I got impatient and took another one right before I left for work, and Chad had already left by that point. I found out on my own and for about 10 hours I was the only one on the planet who knew. I couldn't tell Chad over the phone! It's too big of news not to share in person. So...I waited. Chad called later that day to tell me he was going to work some overtime that night. So...I waited even longer. And then when he finally got home...we had company. So I waited some more. Finally I was able to tell him..."Hey...guess what I found out today? You're going to be a Dad!" He got this little grin on his face and said "I am?" Chad was pretty thrilled with the news. Which made me even more so.

Pregnancy has been fairly kind to me. I was definitely tired, and I had the queasiness to be sure, but I was spared the vomiting. Week 7 when I was making brains...that was a rough week...making brains is hard. But 3 days after week 12 hit...I was good. Sure, I had a tooth break off, and my high school acne has returned with full force, -oh and lets not forget the never ending heartburn (Tums have become one of my new best friends)- but aside from these very trivial repercussions of pregnancy I really don't have anything to complain about.

Mostly, at week 17, I find myself anxiously excited. I can't wait to find out what we're having! I can't wait to see what our baby will look like, and what kind of personality it will have! I'm excited for the day when I will feel our little one inside of me. I'm nervous for the changes my body is going to make and curious to see if it will ever go back to what it once was. I'm a little apprehensive to get on the scale and see a number I have NEVER wanted to see. But I can't help but feel undeniably blessed to be able to BE pregnant and to carry my baby as it grows inside of me. It's the most bizarre and awesome experience, and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for this adventure.


  1. Even if the scale shows you back to normal your body will never be the same- I hate to tell you. But it's so worth it! And you are coming up on the best part (for me) of pregnancy and that's feeling your baby move! Actually I felt Stockton by your point so you may be feeling Stella and not know it. I was 19 weeks when I felt Ty move. I'm SOOO HAPPY for you both! Such a amazing time in your life!

  2. Yay for babies!!!! Yes, 17 weeks is significant. Heck, EVERY week mark is significant in my book. I'm very excited for you to feel Stella move. Once you do, I'll feel like it's coming close to my turn! You'll have to share when you start LOOKING prego too - I'm excited for a bump. :)

  3. zantac... i didn't take that with genevieve and i ate my weight in tums. zantac is much more powerful and my doc gave me the thumbs up that it was safe. so try it, you'll thank me! ha ha
    I can't wait to find out what you're having!!!

  4. Don't worry about the body, you'll lose the weight, and at least with me, most everything returned to normal, although most people told me my body would be forever different. I loved feeling my baby move, but it got annoying when she got the hiccups EVERY time I ate...funny thing is, now she gets the hiccups everytime SHE eats!

  5. Well said. Pregnancy is one of my favorite adventures thus far. With all your talk of babies, I'm getting a little baby-hungry. I felt my babies a bit early, too. With Paige I wasn't sure it was her at first, but... With Carter, I was feeling him well before we went to the Doc. for the gender check. Something I love just as much as feeling my babies move is Daddy getting to feel Baby. As far as body going back to the way it was. I weigh less now than I did the day I was married, but there are a couple things in particular I wish would go back to where they used to be. Carter did a number with the stretch mark thing. Ugh! But it is so worth it.