Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letters to Logan

Dear Logan,
I'm getting a short window of opportunity to write to you because you are sleeping so sweetly right now.  Some much needed sleep might I add.  I have to say that I wasn't the biggest fan of your 3a.m. freakout last night, Mr.  But then this morning you wake up and look at me with those blue, wide, innocent eyes and give me the most adorable little smile that I forgive you almost instantly for the sleepless night I had.

& Now
Oh my little man, you are growing up SO fast!  I can hardly believe how big you are!  Your little personality is starting to manifest itself more and more every day.  I've come to learn that you are impatient like your mama.  I will put you on your belly on the floor with toys all around you and within 2 seconds of not being able to pick up the toy the way you want to you will give this whiny little grunt of frustration and then start to cry until I come and hand you the toy you couldn't successfully pick up yourself.  Drives me nuts.  ...but again...the second I hand you the toy you smile up at me with a "Thanks Mom!" kind of smile and I get suckered in all over again.  I worry everyday that I'm spoiling you  rotten.  I'm going to have learn to become more immune to your charms, bud, or you're going to turn into quite the little manipulator.

You have this thing for Baby Einsteins right now.  We pull it up for you on an internet site called YouTube and you love it so much that when ever dad or I even OPEN then computer you instantly start to get excited in hopes that we are opening it to turn on Einsteins for you.  Your favorite is Baby Mozart.  There is this silly little dragon puppet on there that you can't seem to get enough of.  You see it and you start to flap your little arms in excitement.  Hahaha  It cracks your dad and I up every time.  I can't help but feel guilty for getting you so addicted to media so quickly.  If there is a cell phone that lights up, an iPad that turns on, or a computer up and running you're completely enthralled.  Even the thermostat that has a glowing green screen on it gets you all sorts of excited.  You sure love your technology.  I'm sure this is going to cost me thousands of dollars in the future.

Other things you seem to really enjoy are tub time, being naked, getting lotion rub downs right before bed, a little cow toy that has a bell in it that you love to swing around and make all sorts of noise with, playing with my hair, pulling on your dad's chin, the song "How much is that Doggy in the Window" and your nursery rhyme book.

You hate it when I put you on your belly, when the cat comes on the screen during baby einsteins, when baby einsteins is over, being startled, having to put clothes back on, and mom and dad putting you down to play on the floor.  You expect us to entertain you a lot of the time...hopefully a phase which  you will quickly grow out of.

A couple of weeks ago you went on a "let's pee on mom" kick.  Every day.  For a whole week.  I got peed on.  Thanks for that, by the way.

Some of my favorite things about you right now.  #1.  Your hair!  I love, love, LOVE your hair!  When I get you out of the tub it goes all froofy, and I absolutley love it.  You have so much of it!  Your dad likes to comb it into a faux-hawk like his, and you look ADORABLE!  I LOVE your hair!!!  I love it when you cuddle up to me right before nap time.  I love it when you reach out and touch my face with those cute little hands.  I love how you jabber.  Your laugh is like my payday.  Best sound in the whole world.  If I could make you laugh all day every day...I totally would.  I love the way you look at me while your daddy is holding you.  And I can't get enough of the cute little dimples that show up above your upper lip when you smile.

You are so special to me, and you have brought so much joy to our home.  I sure do love you my little man.  Forever and always and no matter what.



  1. Aw, so sweet. They're just darling, aren't they?! So glad to read a post...it's been a while!

  2. I just love him!! I wish I could see him everyday or at least weekly, but he sure is cute and a true stud! love you guys!