Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Mom says I need a hair cut. 
Do you think I need a hair cut? 
I think I look great.
A hair cut!?  I wonder what it would be like.  I've never had one.  They sound terrible!

NO!  My mind is made up.  I won't have one!
You can't make me!
What's that you say?  You'll give me a sucker?
I like suckers.


  1. ba ha ha ha! Such a stud that one is. (and clever too!)

  2. That was super cute! I love the face he makes when he sucks in his lips, so silly.

  3. He is SO CUTE! Did you cut his hair? you were always good at that. When am I going to see you guys again?

  4. I love this! And great work on the haircut! What a big boy!