Monday, October 1, 2012


This year we went with Chad's family to Disneyland.  We've been planning it for over a year, but it feels like longer due to our brother-in-law, Tyler's, daily countdown.  "Only 156 more days until Disneyland!" 

We decided that driving 12 hours in the car with Logan was completely out of the question, and we would take our chances fighting him on a plane instead.  We came ultra prepared with snacks and bottles and toys and movies, I seriously considered bribing everyone around us with gifts so that they'd like us and find it in their hearts to tolerate us and our 15 month old.  We prayed and prayed that he'd be good and our fellow passengers wouldn't want to kick us out of the emergency exit mid-flight. Fortunately, our prayers were answered and Logan was a champ.  He was so great on the flight, and our hopes were high by the time we landed that we were going to have a fantastic week. 

Turns out...we should have extended our prayers to include the entirety of our trip and not just our flights.

This was hands down the least relaxing, most exhaustingly hard vacation we have ever been on.  Logan was a complete nightmare.  He struggled not being in his own bed, and didn't sleep more than 4 hours a night during the entire week, which means WE didn't sleep more than 4 hours a night the entire week.  He was whiny, and cantankerous, and irritable the entire time.  And less than thrilled with the magic kingdom.

Just out side of Small World Logan exhibited the worst temper tantrum he has ever had.  At one point he ripped off his shoe (I didn't even know he could take off his shoe) and he chucked it some poor, innocent,  little girls head who just happened to be walking by during his melt down.  I had to use the five point harness in his stroller for the first time and I didn't know if it would hold up to his thrashing.  After about 45 minutes of this he cried himself into a mild comma and he slept for the first time in days.  We didn't dare do anything but sit in one spot in Fantasy Land for about 2 hours.  And that little story, my fellow Mousekateers pretty much sums up our trip. 

3 days in, Chad was ready to put down an extra $500 to fly us home immediately.  He was packing suitcases and calling the airline.  Luckily, a little 30 minute power nap allowed me to talk him into letting us stay, although, I wasn't so sure I wanted to stay all that badly either.  We're glad we did though.  Even though Logan didn't really let up, Chad's parents took Logan a couple of times so that Chad and I could go to the park without the screaming child, and during those times, we really enjoyed ourselves.

  Logan decided this trip he was a straight up Daddy's boy, as you can see, I am not in a single picture, due to the fact that  Logan would not allow anyone but Chad hold him, and when I did hold him, he was less then charming for a photo op.

  Oh, oh!  I lied, I'm in one!  Dumbo.  We made him come with me...he whined/cried the entire ride.  Good times.  Good times.
All in all, it was a pretty rough trip.  With a few shinning moments.  And those shinning moments did make it worth while. 

But Note to Logan:  When you start begging us to take you to Disneyland and I refer you to this post, just realize you brought the "No." upon yourself. 

With a lot of brown nosing and a LOT of chores we MAY change our minds...when you and all of your future siblings are over the age of 15.  (It will take us at least that long to recover.)  P.S.  Cars absolutely amazing.  We thought you'd like it.  You didn't. You did enjoy the spit fountains in Bugs World, however.  Pretty much the only thing you liked.  Oh, that and the hot tub at the hotel...which you weren't supposed to be in. 

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  1. Haha! This is the best post ever. We had to have our waitress pack up our food before we even got it the other night because Ava decided she was going to be on one. I can't even imagine trying to brave Disneyland! Glad you survived. :)