Tuesday, January 5, 2010

John's Home!!!

My little brother came home from his mission and he got to meet Chad for the very first time! It was a little hectic meeting him at the airport but...it was SO good to see him again! John also got to meet Kua for the first time. But the one who tripped him out the most was Mandy. She has changed SO much over the past little while and he couldn't get over how grown up she looked. Anyone who knows John, loves him. He's pretty much amazing and we love having him back!

Group Hug!!!

John and the newest members of the fam.
Tai realized that waiting for Uncle John to get his luggage was obviously going to take some time...so he got comfortable...on the airport floor.
My Brother & Sister-in-laws Cute little Fam! Cute little Kua!


  1. John looks like Josh, I have a much smaller image of him in my mind... Oh well, some day we will get together again.

  2. Yea for John home!!!! And I think John's reaction to Mandy the day after is so funny! Looking back at pictures she really has changed, but I just didn't realize it! So crazy! Glad he is home!