Monday, January 4, 2010

Hatch Family Christmas!

This year the Hatch family had some conflicting Christmas Schedules. Tyler and Janet were going to be over at the Grahams for Christmas Eve, and Zac and Andee were going to be in Hawaii (the nerds) and we were schedule to be up in Logan starting Christmas Eve, so we opted to through the Hatch Family Christmas Party a little early! But it was worth it! We had so much fun!

We started off at Bonnie & Ffej's for a really good dinner with ham and turkey and funeral potatoes. And let's not forget the REAL Ranch dressing. A must have for any true Hatch. None of that icky bottled stuff for us. No sir. Beeb and Heidi and the kids joined us and then we headed down to our place for games and desert!

I made some cinnamon rolls...which actually turned out to be just rolls with frosting on top because I didn't put in NEAR enough cinnamon -Note to self. The big hit of the party was the Cocoa! We brought out our Cocoa-latte machine we got for our wedding which makes THE BEST hot cocoa! Mmmm.

Such a good time! Having the party a week before Christmas made us all a little trunky. Work was definately not on the "Top 10 Things I want to do tomorrow" list.

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  1. Glad you mentioned the Ranch dressing. You can't say Hatch dinner without saying Ranch dressing!!!