Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mans Got Skills!

Back in January I asked my little brother, Josh, to build Chad and I a head board for our bed. He had just graduated and he had a little bit of free time while he was looking for a job, so I figured, I could give him a little extra income and he could build me a bed! Little did I know, he was planning on getting engaged shortly there after. Engaged people don't have time to build head boards! Unless, of course, it's their own. So...needless to took a little longer than anticipated, but it was WELL worth the wait!

I drew Josh a picture on the back of an old reciept, gave him a general idea of what I wanted, and he came up with this! He's amazing! My dad helped him a bit too. So a public THANK YOU to Josh and Dad! We absolutely LOVE it!
I know, I know, dark walls, I gave the explanation of this on my other blog along with some wall art that helps break up the brown! But...this peice was too nice to go crazy color on. I had to go classic. So we stained it. Josh brought it to us like this...We stained it all and put it together, and we're SO excited to have it done! Now I just need to go find some cutsie light and bright decor to put on top! Love it! Thanks again Josh!

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  1. yay for the headboard! It looks awesome! And I would have stained it too!