Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow...So...I guess I need to apologize to those of you out there who actually read this thing. I haven't posted anything new for quite sometime and I kind of got scolded for that recently(Sorry Peggy;) I didn't realize it was even a priority to some. I again apologize for my slacking off. In all honesty...we haven't got much to report. But let's see what I can come up with...uh...

Oh! Chad and I have recently been on a diet. (I told you it's been a slow news month.) How come no one told us we had let ourselves go?!? We looked at pictures of us in Hawaii and we about passed out from the horrific photographic evidence of us at our "finest". Sick. Apparently those newly-wed blinders came on and we were totally content with being ignorant, fat, and happy. What were we to expect, though? I mean...come on, the workforce of Dairy Queen started to know us by name. They would say "Hey, Chad! Kandace! You want your usual?" (The invention of the Banana Cream Pie and Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzards was pretty much our downfall.)

So...get this...apparently diet and exercise really works! Huh. Who knew? Well...that AND banning ourselves from DQ. Chad has lost 22lbs and I've lost 20. Again. TOTALLY depressing that we even NEEDED to loose that amount of weight, but our home is now 42lbs lighter. Blessed day. We both realize we still probably have another 10-15 to go each, but hey, baby steps. P.S. We highly reccommend you look at a calender before committing yourself to the strictest of diets. Because dieting over holidays is NO fun. Depressing really. I doubt Chad has ever seen me more moody. I get cranky when I don't get my sugar. After witnessing me on sugar withdrawls, any pregnancy related mood swings should be cake for him to deal with. (These aren't coming anytime soon people, I'm just saying.)

Anyway, aside from this...we've just been living the dream. We work, Chad goes to school, I do laundry, we sleep and then repeat. Chad just got a promotion of sorts at his work, and he's been under a lot of pressure to acquire new certifications, so that's adding to his stress bucket. And while trying to not bug Chad while he studies I've been attempting to become more savvy in the garden...it's not going well. My thumb is far from green...as are my plants. Sad. I blame the soil.

Welp...It's a quick and pointless update...I don't even have a picture to go along with it. What fun is a post without a picture?!? It's not. I'll see what I can do to up the fun factor next time. But until then...this will have to do.
"It's all about a choice." -Chad T. Hatch


  1. So-called pointless updates are fun, it's always good to hear what you are up to...even if it's day-to-day stuff. Sounds like you have lots of time on your hands to do crafty things!

  2. You have lost 20 lbs?!?! That is so awesome! You need to post a picture of you with your sexy new body Kandace.

  3. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! a new post.

  4. Yes! I am so glad that me nagging at you worked. Nice post, however I hate diet talk. I have been trying all summer to loose weight and it won't budge. maybe cuz I am old? I have adopted some better health habits though. Maybe someday that will pay off. It was so good to see you all at the family gathering. Congrats on the weight loss!