Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ever since I was little there were only two...okay maybe 3 chores I NEVER liked doing (I'd pretty much run and hide anytime my parents told us we were cleaning the garage.) The first would be weeding. I HATE weeding. I used to tell my mom that I would clean the ENTIRE house as long as she didn't make me go out and weed. That's how bad I hated it. When I moved out into rental world, I never really had to worry about it. And I pretty much made sure I wouldn't have to worry about it when I bought a home with an HOA and the only weeding I'm responsible for is a little 2'x12' strip surrounding my patio. And even THAT I have a hard time wanting to maintain.

The second chore I tried to dodge like the plague was taking out the garbage. I hate taking out the garbage. I don't know what it is about it...but I just don't like doing it. When I was living with my old roommate we made a deal. I would ALWAYS do the vaccuming (the chore she despised) if she would ALWAYS take out the garbage. Life was great! And when I married Chad my roommate told him, "All you have to do is take out the garbage, and she'll be happy." And that was true, until...there was ironing.

Before I got married, I rarely...IF EVER-ironed. But...Chad-bless his heart- has a million and 4 shirts that need to be ironed ALL the time. Before we got married he would just send them to the dry cleaners. But at $50 a month, I thought it'd be smarter for us to just do it ourselves. ...I'm starting to regret my frugal-ness. In trying to be a good little wifey, I spent 4 hours ironing yesterday. FOUR HOURS!!! I almost wanted to quit and go outside and weed!

Ugh. My husband has a great wardrobe built up, but I'm about to throw out every shirt that isn't wrinkle free, which will leave him with less than 3/4 of what he currently has.


  1. Hahahahahahah!! I chuckled through this entire post. hehehe! It helps that I have heard Micah complain that you never had to weed, he would generally call you a sissy but I think your smart making a deal with your mom! And that ironing must have been forever long if you wanted to weed!

  2. Invest in a steamer. It will be the best purchase you ever make. :)

  3. Oh, Chad haven't you ever heard of wrinkle free!

  4. Your time is by far worth the $50.00 spent each month. If your man insists on pressed shirts he will need to budget the bucks so it can happen. I use to work at a dry cleaners when I was first married and I pressed all the shirts that came into the cleaners it sucks big time. I'm telling you Kandace stop the insanity now. When you get kids you will never have the time. I'm just sayin'.

  5. O Kandace. I love you. I hate weeding too. I did the same thing. I'd rather do the NASTY cat box (once a month scenerio) than weed for an hour.