Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now Introducing: Stella

We wanted to be sure we were out of the woods for the most part before we made this "public" but now that I've made it to the 2nd trimester...

Chad and I are expecting our first little Hatchling on August 19th.

We have yet to find out if we're having a boy or a girl...we've got a few more weeks before we're going to be privvy to that information...but until than we're calling our wee one "Stella".

This is a tradition that I got from my Mom. She didn't like the idea of calling the baby "it" all the time, especially since most people didn't find out what they were having back then, so she started to give all of her kids womb-baby names. Just silly, outlandish names that you would never actually name your kid for real, but are fun nevertheless. ...Or maybe they are names you would like to name your kid but either your spouse hates it and compromised with you by using it as the womb-name, or you just don't have the guts to name your baby something so...edgy. For me...it's a little of the silly...but more so the lack of guts.

Every baby Stella I've ever met has been the most GORGEOUS thing ever! So naturally I've associated the name with beauty. Unfortunately, I think Rocky has ruined it for me, personally, so I can't bring myself to put it on the birth certificate. SO...the womb-name it is.

Don't judge. I'm sure you have your own "forbidden fruit" kind of names lurking in your head too. My brother, Micah; his was "Jamal". But you just can't name a white toe-headed kid "Jamal" (not that any of his kids have blonde hair...but still...you know what I mean.) So, Brittney compromised and that was Tai's womb-baby name.

Mine was Peirre. My brother Josh: Marigold. John: Zeb. Stephanie: Guido. Mandy: Mel. Micah: George. And a friend of mine decided on Huey as their womb-baby name.
You gotta love the idea! Time to confess: What have been/or would be your womb-baby names?!? Think about it. It's kind of fun.


  1. Congrats Chad and Kandace!!!

    Love the idea of womb names! I wanted to name our little boy Charlie but my husband wasn't having that. So he is named Sebastian. I would totally pick something fun for a womb name. I'm going to do that next time!!

  2. YAY you finally came out of the baby making closet! We aren't very original ours is "LB" which stands for little boy. But it works until he gets here. Everyone is so confused when we talk about him because they really think we are going to name our baby "LB". I think Ihave better taste than that.

    So happy for you guys!

  3. I was alowishous (I'm not sure how to spell that.) I honestly have never come up with one for my boys. I should have!

  4. hooray! babies are awesome. and a womb name is genius. we do not pick a real name until the baby is born anyway, then they get some say too. Josh was marigold? bahahaha!!

  5. We had a womb name too! But now I can't remember it...dag-nabbit!! Anywho. CONGRATS!!! Now we DEFINATELY need to get together ASAP and talk all things baby!!!!!! I"M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Love the idea of womb names, wish I had thought of that back when I was having babies. Stella is great, makes me think about the Seinfeld episode when Elaine keeps saying Stel!!!la!!! She has had one to many painkillers cause her back is out from sleeping on the couch or something like that. I laugh my self sick when I see it. Anyway I hope you are feeling good and not too sick.

  7. Hey congrats!!! I'm super excited for you guys. It's been too long since I've talked to you. I'd love to get together sometime. Hope you're feeling well!

  8. Congratulations! STELLA is darling! Can't wait to meet her... or him! :)

  9. Congrats! You are going to make such a cute Mommy. I want to see baby bump pics. How is the pregnancy going? I hope you haven't been too sick. Have you been feeling Stella move yet? That's my favorite part.
    I Love the name Stella, by the way. It's my grandmother's name. We talked about a womb name for Paige. Brian suggested squirt, which I found hilarious but some what indecent. After that we dropped the whole thing. Oh well. Carter sort of had one. We called him Liam for quite a while but once we saw him we changed our minds.