Friday, April 15, 2011

A Breaking Point: Week 22

This morning...I was 10 min. late to work.

For those of you who know know that isn't necessarily uncommon -punctuality is not a strength of mine, (I blame my dad) but Chad has made it his mission in life to make it one. So I really have been doing much better, thanks to him, and I haven't been that late for quite some time. But this morning...this morning I couldn't find a thing that fit!

Up until now, I have been able to pull off wearing all my regular clothes. Using the hair tie method on the pants button, I haven't had to buy any maternity pants. But even my hair ties seem to be stretched to capacity.

I have only 4 actual maternity shirts but this morning -being Friday morning- the 5th day of the week...they are all in the wash and I was S.O.L.

Garments are becoming ever more annoying due to the fact that my swollen midsection pushes my garment bottoms down, and my garment tops up, leaving me with an exposed belly button. ...Charming, I can know be compared to my 2 year old nephew after his dad puts him in pj's that are 2 sizes too small for him, only difference is...his belly is considered adorable when it pokes out.

Let's not even get started on my dilemma's concerning my upper body support systems being incapable to keep up with the seemingly never-ending growth spurts taking place there!


Yesterday, I spent a large sum on Stewie and his wardrobe (a first), of which he won't even be using for MONTHS. In hindsight...that money may have been better spent on MY wardrobe. It's time to break down and go shopping. Live and learn, right?


  1. Ahh I feel the same way, not having any clothes that fit. You should invest in a belly band! I got mine at Target and its the best thing ever! Totally has saved me from having to buy maternity pants!

  2. As much as it is to buy baby clothes (because it's the best!) you will get a ton after little stewie is born- look at Kohles in the clearance section of the maternity. I found some cute cheep shirts. Don't buy a lot of pants unless you need them for work. Get capris- you are going to be hot this summer. At this point in pregnancy the only way to go is OUT! =) you will be super cute big and prego. (at least to the rest of us)

  3. I completely sympathize, and I agree that Belly Bands are worth it, but it's also worth it to invest in a few pair of cute pants. You're only going to get bigger (sorry) and if you have nothing to wear, every morning is going to be a tear-filled fest (been there...done that). Remind yourself that you most likely will be pregnant again, so the clothing is an investment. As for the garments, go for the maternity tops, they are a lifesaver. Don't bother with the bottoms. I found my best maternity options at Kohls, Gap and Target. (Gap has the best pants...hands down.)

  4. So excited to see this belly of yours, you know, fashionably covered.

    I too like the garment tops, but not the bottoms.
    I know they're a bit more expensive than some (plan for $35 or more for a pair of pants), but I'll put in a plug for Motherhood Maternity. I love they're pants. They have a "Secret Fit Belly" panel that fit you from start to finish of your pregnancy. You can fold it down now for the under the belly fit, then pull it all the way up at the end when you're just about to pop. The panel is way stretchy so you don't feel all squished or get that annoying line in the middle of your belly as baby and you get bigger. Because they are so stretchy, you can wear them once baby gets here if you need too if you don't get right back into your little jeans. There are those women who do. Not me. Plus, you know my battle with pants that are too short. Motherhood jeans fit.
    Long story short, I have other maternity pants some I despise, some I like, but I love my Secret Fit Belly jeans.
    Pick out tops that stretch some. I bought some tops that fit for like a month and then... I was back in front of the mirror with nothing to wear again.

    Haha. I love how everyone gives all sorts of prego advise. I guess I do because I know the frustration and hope I can help reduce yours.