Monday, December 7, 2009

Pack Family Tree Hunt

My family has a tradition of every year on the saturday after thanks giving we go up into Idaho and cut down our Christmas Tree. Now although this is one of my all time favorite family traditions...I have to rarely- if ever-goes off without a hitch. Like most Pack Family outings...typically we roll out about 2-24 hours AFTER we say we are going to go. We run into any and all sorts of perdiciments ranging from lost snow gear, forgotten lunches, car trouble, frost bite, and lost personages. There is never a dull moment, whether good or bad, but by the time we get back home most can say they had a pretty good time. After taking into consideration all of these potentials's no wonder why those who we try to introduce to this tradition only come once. (Sissys) So I was a tad nervous to subject Chad to this tradition because if he didn't like it...I would be crushed because I love it.
Fortunately for me, the day was relatively flawless. We were only an hour late from when we were hoping to leave. The "burb" was in good working order. We remembered the lunch, everyone brought all their snow gear, we all had walkie talkies to keep tabs on everyone. And it was a GORGEOUS day! Only down fall...not too much snow in them there hills. know what they say "You can't have it all."

We hiked to the top of the mountain...had to cross over a couple of ridges but then...we came across our tree. The sun shined down and the tree "spoke" to Chad. My dad handed him the ban saw and my man cut down his very first tree. One of the rights of passages into the Pack family. There was a small ceremony, picture were taken, tears were shed, all in all fantastic experience for all envolved.

Next my manly man threw the tree over his shoulder and treked back down the mountain side. He's so dreamy. ;) We got, what we thought to be, a cute "little" tree for our new home but it turned out to be about 4' too tall to fit into our house. After a quick little trim though we got it down to 8' tall and is currently taking up a good portion of our living room. We absolutely LOVE it!
Chad ended up really liking the whole adventure and I think I may just be able to talk him into going next year. :) Gotta love Christmas!!!
Our First Tree :)


  1. You guys are so stinkin cute! Can't wait to come see this massive tree. The story sounds a little similar to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We need to get together and watch that with Ginger Bread houses and Hot chocolate. Thanks so so so much for coming yesterday it meant the world!

  2. Hi! I have to apologize for not coming to the reception. I was in traffic court-only time I could go-and believe me I would have MUCH rather been to your reception. I hope the day was perfect for you! oh...and I love your music-I'm adding some to my list :)

  3. hey guys! be our blogging friends!

  4. yay for tree cutting! Sad we missed, we hated paying for a tree this year- and tires for our car.... dumb car. I forgot to tell you but I think your tree looks so cute all decorated at your house! Your house is so cozy!

  5. Yea for Chad liking cutting down a tree! I was always jealous growing up you got to do that. We love taking our kids up and doing it now a days. SO glad it wasn't y our normal Pack outing and no one was lost, or had a heart attack, or you were a day or two late. Love ya!