Friday, June 17, 2011

Father Son Outing

Logan was 4 days old on Wednesday the 15th and to celebrate, we decided it was time for some father-son bonding. So Chad and Logan went on their first Father & Son Outing, and Chad got to hold his first born for the first time.

Logan was completely enamored with his dad. The second Chad had him in his arms and he started talking to him Logan opened his eyes as wide as I've ever seen them and looked directly at Chad. I've never seen him more alert or content. It was the sweetest moment ever, and I couldn't help but cry some happy tears.
How I loved seeing my two guys together. ...Even now...days later, still brings tears to my eyes. I do not know how single moms do it. I would never be able to make it without Chad by my side. He's been the greatest blessing to me since the day I met him, but this past week...he has out-shinned even himself. From him driving mock-10 to get me to the hospital early Saturday morning to his being by my side every step of the way there after. The man is amazing. In every meaning of the word. And the icing on the cake...he absolutely adores Logan. He became #1 Dad the second Logan entered this world and has only gotten better from there.


  1. How sweet..make me cry too! Happy Father's Day Chad!

  2. that's really cute!! Has it hit you're a mom and dad?? crazy fun!!

  3. I absolutely love it!!! Your son is adorable and I'm so happy for you guys, you're both amazing! :)

  4. So sweet, I am so happy that you have both been able to hold Logan. That is pure love that you feel when you get to snuggle your baby like that. I am so happy for you all three, crying with tears of joy, and still praying for your sweet family. Chad you will never forget this past Father's day.