Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first outfit...

Logan wore clothes for the very first time yesterday! Our little boy looks dashing in blue, doesn't he?!?

He's doing so well, we're really happy with the progress he's making. He is off all of his tubes minus his feeding tube, he's breathing on his own still, he is even regulating his own body temperature now! And because of that they are working on transitioning him from the isolet to a "big boy bed" (incubator to a plastic open box)! Pretty dang exciting, if you ask us!
We are also starting to work on "non-nutritive breastfeeding" or "recreational breastfeeding" (our lactation consultant finds the later term unacceptable, however, so we only use it privately). Basically this works likes this: I pump, so I'm all empty, right before it's time for Logan to eat. They get his food going with this feeding tube, and then I hold him and try to get him to latch on to me and practice sucking and breathing without the extra hassel of actually having to swallow. He's doing pretty good so far. Usually they don't start this until 32 weeks, but we tried it out a few days early and he did great! So proud of our little guy! He's such an over achiever! ;)


  1. He is dashing in blue!! Sounds to me he's really excited to get home!! good luck!

  2. Dashing might be an understatement - he melts my heart! And hooray for breastfeeding in any form - recreational or not that is a BIG deal!!!

  3. Go Logan! Love the updates, wish we could visit everyday! We miss our Wednesday dinners with you guys.